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Madison Grange Mural
  DECEMBER 2009 --

The former Madison Grange Hall building is being demolished to make way for another building.  We have been alerted that there is a large mural in the building and several non-Grange people are wondering if the Grange wants to preserve it.

The mural is a farm scene painted by the late Rev. Franklin Bower of the Madison Congregational Church.  Apparently it was used as a background scene for tableaux, but does not contain anything specifically depicting Grange ritual.

It would probably cost up to $5,000 to remove it from the wall and mount it on a board for moving.  Then there would be the cost of transporting it and mounting it wherever it might be going.

Apparently it is large enough that the most logical place to put it would be as a background scene at another grange hall that has a large stage. If anyone is interested in removing the mural, please contact the Central Office.

Just remember, anyone who wants it will get it "as is and where is" and will have to remove it at their expense.



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