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CT State Grange Youth announce Scavenger Hunt
  MARCH 19, 2010 --

In celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Connecticut State Grange, the State Grange Youth are hosting a competitive Grange Scavenger Hunt for 2010. This is a fun learning experience for the whole family!

Youth and Young-At-Heart Grange members are invited to participate in the Grange Scavenger Hunt, which consists of 20 questions/requests related to the Grange and it's rich history. Participants will have until October 1, 2010 to complete the Scavenger Hunt. Winners will be announced at the Connecticut State Grange session in October.

Complete Grange Scavenger Hunt rules and data retrieval sheets are available from Youth Director Don Lanoue (youth@ctststaegrange.org) and can be downloaded from the CT State Grange website at www.ctstategrange.org.



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