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Connecticut Granges to celebrate Grange Month this April
  MARCH 31, 2010 --

Granges across Connecticut will be opening doors to their communities throughout the month of April.

April has been declared "Grange Month" by the National Grange, and is an opportunity to showcase the Grange organization - its purpose, programs and activities - in communities throughout the United States.

The theme for this year's Grange Month is "Now Is The Time" and is reflective of the efforts and accomplishments of Granges across the Nation. Opportunities for growth, service and leadership surround each Grange and "Now is the Time" to utilize these opportunities. "Now is the Time" Granges will be reaching out to their communities and making a commitment to better their communities through service projects. "Now is the Time" Grange members can mentor the youth in their communities and build leaders for tomorrow.

There are over 60 local Granges in communities across Connecticut. Many of these Granges will celebrate with open houses, lectures and programs, citizens' awards, community service projects, traditional pot-luck suppers and more. Events will be open to the public and those interested in supporting and improving their communities are encouraged to attend and participate.

According to National Grange President Edward Luttrell, "As America's oldest farm, family fraternal organization, we have 143 years of vigor, excitement, and experience to make a difference in the thousands of communities we serve. Grange Month is a great time to share the opportunities that the Grange gives people and communities to come together and accomplish great things."

Founded in 1867 to help both southern and northern farmers recover from the ravages of the Civil War, the National Grange has evolved to incorporate the interests of non-farm rural families and communities. Rural health care, education and communications access are just a few of the Grange's current areas of involvement. The organization has approximately 240,000 members in nearly 3000 local and state chapters across forty states.

For a complete list of Grange Month events in Connecticut, please view the Calendar of Events page on the Connecticut State Grange website at http://www.CTStateGrange.org.

For more information on Grange Month, please visit the Grange Month information page on the Connecticut State Grange website at http://www.ctstategrange.org/GrangeMonth.asp, or visit http://www.NationalGrange.org.



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