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Alaska’s View from the Hill
  JUNE 6, 2010 --

The following short article appeared on the website "Alaska Dispatch" regarding a program on local Alaska television entitled "View from the Hill."

Upon learning about this program, the National Grange sent a letter to the program asking them to cease use of the name "View from the Hill" as it infringes on the name of the National Grange Legislative Departments long-standing and popular newsletter of the same name.

"When Channel 11 reporter Matt Felling spoke with Sen. Mark Begich this week, their conversation focused on oil spill politics... The conversation was a part of Felling's "View from the Hill" the reporter's weekly interview with one of Alaska's representatives in Washington, D.C. While the interviews will continue, the name will not: The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry (no joke) asked Felling to stop using the title. Apparently the national agricultural organization has used the name for at least some of its 143 years, and it didn't feel like sharing with an Alaskan.

In an e-mail, Felling said "As soon as I received the letter from the National Grange's attorney, I sent an email to their President in Washington, D.C. I told him as the son of a Missouri dairy farmer, I would make the change without delay -- and that, actually, we could've saved some billable hours by chatting about it directly."



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