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From The Historian's Desk
Looking back to 1985

By Edith Schoell, State Historian

  JUNE 2010 --

Twenty-five years ago - 1985 - plans had been made for a gala celebration for the 100th anniversary of the Connecticut State Grange. Perhaps you remember the fundraisers we had... there were ceramic dishes, cups, bells and the anniversary plate displaying the Grange emblem, the state and a rose. On the reverse is written "One Hundred Years of Dedicated Service to our Fellowman. Faith, Hope, Charity, and Fidelity- the words which form the "Tie that Binds" all Grange members with a common goal of a better world."

The celebration was held at the University of Hartford Campus on June 21 and 22 and featured exhibits by the departments of the State Grange. A large mural was borrowed from Granby Grange, which depicted Grange life.

A banquet was held on Friday evening and a capacity crowd enjoyed a buffet meal. National Lecturer Kermit Richardson and Margaret were honored guests; travel problems delayed the arrival of National Master Edward Anderson and Darlene, but they were present for the pageant on Saturday. The pageant covered many of the accomplishments over the years: Service in two World Wars, establishing the Agircultural College, Grange Hall and scholarships, establishment of Camp Berger, the Connecticut Agricultural Fair and more were included in the trip down memory lane.

We must now look to the future and plan to build more memories for all to enjoy.


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