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From The Chaplain's Desk
June 2010 Chaplain's Corner

By Amy Whitcomb, State Chaplain

  JUNE 2010 --

As we look forward to planting and tending our gardens let us think about helping our neighbor. The needs are great and the people willing to help plentiful, but knowing how to be a beneficial presence is the challenge. Many well intentioned people forge ahead in an attempt to be helpful only to discover that their efforts bear no fruit. In fact, the result can be frustration and the dashed dream of helping another.

The truth is that God is the One who helps and not you or me; although we have our role to play. The monumental challenges of life lie beyond the outstretched hand of another human being, something greater is required. A divine presence must be at work. the good news is that all we need for radiant living is available to us. We dwell in God's presence, a presence of love, wisdom, life, peace and infinite supply. Everything we need is within us. The question is how do we access it? How does the "imprisoned splendor" in us find its way into the world as a constant help in every need?

This is the human dilemma. Everything we need to rise above our challenges is present. It surrounds us and indwells us, but challenges remain because we fail to realize our partnership with Spirit. We are to be the wicks in the candle that is God's presence and power. A wick is not solely a human being, it is a human being that is awake to God's presence. Whenever a person becomes conscious of Spirit, the candle begins to burn. Spirit has an avenue through which it can do its work and render the help that is needed. The light shines a perfect union of wick and wax.

If we are to become wicks in the candle, if we are to help one another, we must first heed the ancient call. "Physician heal thyself."

I think about God. How else can I awaken to the Presence? This practice reminds me that God is the healer; God is the One who soothes and comforts; God is the One who is wisdom and peace. So you want to help. You can, but first begin with God, become the wick of the candle, and God's light will shine.


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