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Membership Tip: Results, Results, Results

By Rusty Hunt, National Leadership/Membership Director

  MAY 31, 2010 --

Every day each of us is faced with a list of tasks to accomplish. When people look back at what you have done, and how effective you were in doing this, they are going to remember the results that you achieved.

Recently, I attended the funeral service of one of my mentors in the Grange, Sister Marie. She had been a school teacher and many of her past students were there. At the service, I heard over and over in a multitude of stories that she would do whatever it took to teach each student. Some students were quick learners, while others learned at a slower pace.; Some could simply read information quickly to understand what was required of them, while others needed to hear it from Marie to understand the concept. Regardless of the situation, what remained was consistent was her dedication to get the job done using whatever means were necessary. She did whatever was required for each student to help them learn.

After hearing these stories over and over, one of her old superintendents' said, "Results, Results, Results!" Sister Marie was all about the results.

The same could have been said about her role within the Grange. She never gave up on an idea, resolution, or person in the Grange that she believed in. She taught me that I should never give up on anything I believe in or anyone that shows potential. I want to pass on this knowledge to all of you.

Getting new members is a result of our efforts. So, whether it is because of our great history, our activities, our community service, the principles and values of the Grange, or simply asking people to join, we all have to do something to get new members to join to see the results we are looking for. If you want results then it is your job to figure out what each potential member wants and implement a plan to get them to join. We know that the Grange has something for everyone and it is up to you to make others see that the Grange is full of opportunities. Sister Marie never took "no" or "I can't" or "I'm to busy" as a final answer. She made sure to find and use the correct tools to lead her students and Grangers towards the results she knew they were capable of.

Do you know someone that shows the potential to be a good Granger? Someone that is looking for a place to make a difference? Someone that just needs a place to just fit in? With time, opportunity, and good mentoring, any and all of these individuals could be great Grangers. We all should be looking for a way to get people to join us. After all, we all want the same results - to grow the Grange!

So find a way to get the results you seek. Ask, phone, write, text, e-mail, put up flyers, take an ad out in the paper, get an ad on the radio, produce a TV commercial, or whatever you can think of to reach out to your community. You and your Grange can take a lesson from an old school teacher and good Granger, Sister Marie, and get some positive "Results, Results, Results!"



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