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Grange Deaf Awareness Grant Program Deadline Near

By National Grange Press Release

  JUNE 19, 2010 --

For many years the National Grange conducted an active Deaf Awareness Program which led to many valuable projects that enabled our members to learn more about deaf people and their challenges. In many cases, great relationships were also built with the deaf community. A fund was developed within the National Grange Foundation for the purpose of supporting deaf activities within the Grange. Because funds are still available, this grant program is being offered to assist states with funding various deaf awareness activities.


Any State Grange is eligible to apply for a grant to assist with a worthwhile project that may be planned within the state, using the attached application form as a guide.


Grant applications will be due on June 30, 2010.


Grants up to a maximum of $500.00 will be awarded to each approved application, and will be awarded to the State Grange. The State Grange will have the option of transferring those funds to the Community or Pomona Grange conducting the deaf activity included in the grant application.

A maximum of three grants will be awarded in 2010.

Grants may be awarded for any project that enhances deaf education. Preference will be given to high quality activities that involve significant numbers of individuals. Creativity and uniqueness of the projects will also be factored into the selection process.


The application should be in document form and include the following information:

Name of State Grange
Date of Application
Name of the Project
Description of the Project
Anticipated number of people involved
Anticipated impact on the Grange (State and/or Local)
Anticipated impact on the Community or State
Other anticipated results of the project



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