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President's Ponderings: What a Reason to Celebrate

By National Grange Blog (6/28/10)

  JUNE 28, 2010 --

On Saturday, the National Grange took the day to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the dedication of our building at 1616 H Street, NW in Washington D.C. This building was built and paid for by Grange members across the country and the day was dedicated to them.

Around 500 members and visitors attended the re-dedication ceremony or visited the building on June 26. From my perspective, it seemed more like a family reunion than anything else. So far this morning, I've found a note from Alex, and a business card from Chris and I'm sure I'll find traces of other members in the office.

I want to thank Clackamas County Pomona Grange for the re-dedication plaque; Kermit and Margaret Richardson, Pete Pommper, and Grange Insurance Association for the artwork they each donated; and Grange Mutual Insurance of Oklahoma and all the Granges and members who donated to aid us in the re-painting of the Goss conference room and our offices on the 11th and 10th floors. The list of donors were in the program and each are so appreciated.

Your National Grange staff deserves your appreciation for their hard work to ensure that the day went smoothly. The officers of the National Grange did a great job throughout the day and then served as ushers as we prepared for the ceremony. A special thank you goes to Ed and Darlene Andersen, Bob and Delores Barrow, and Kermit and Margaret Richardson for taking the time to attend and be part of this day of celebration. As three of our past National Grange Masters it was an honor to recognize them for their contributions to our organization.

The youth who served as building ambassadors made my day. They were so enthused and ready to help everyone. The stream of people showed in a real way what the Grange is. We had kids in strollers, elementary students looking at exhibits, teenagers giving tours, parents were meeting and sharing experiences with each other, and the grandparents were showing their families and friends bits of our history. Saturday was a family affair and the showcase for the Grange was the building.

It is important to occasionally take a moment to celebrate some of the milestones of life. The Grange observed the 50th anniversary of our building, but the real commemoration was recognition of the members who made the dream of a building a reality and those who keep the dream alive.

Today as I reflect upon Saturday, I feel great! It is now time to get back to the exciting task of growing the Grange, I am refreshed and re-energized by being a part of our members celebrating one of the big milestones of the Grange.


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