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President's Ponderings: This Past Week

By Edward Luttrell - President's Ponderings Blog (7/31/10)

  AUGUST 1, 2010 --

What a week I've had. Interviews for a new Legislative Director, staff meetings, problems in a couple of states, issues that included what we are going to do about the Postal Service proposal to reduce service, and an interesting idea to help farmers and rural people in another part of our world.

The one thing most people don't realize is that I spend at least half my time team building. Working with, training, encouraging, and supporting the members of all the different teams the National Grange has, is one of the chief duties of the Master of the National Grange. Success or failure is often based on how well that single portion of this job is done.

While I am not a "city" person, the time I spend with the staff is not only valuable, but enjoyable. I have trust and faith that your staff is not only dedicated to our organization, but committed to being a part of growing it.

Leroy Watson is going to be leaving his post in a week and a half and I will miss him greatly. He brought a keen mind and 11 years of experience as the Director to the staff and it has benefited every Master he worked under and the organization as a whole. I am also sure that he will continue to contribute in many ways to the future of our Grange, now just as an active member.

The team of staff will change this month and we have already begun to fit new people into the team. The process is the same for new employees as for new members in your own Grange. We need to make them feel welcome, make sure that they understand what we do and why, and listen to their questions and comments. We have the opportunity to learn about ourselves by listening to a new set of eyes.

Sitting at the airport, reflecting on this past week, is a pleasant moment this week. We have strengthened our staff team, we are seeking solutions to some problems challenging some of our State Master team members, and we accomplished a great deal.

Success or failure is the result of team building efforts. This week was another success for the National Grange and our organization as a whole. Hope your week was as wonderful!



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