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Farewell from National Junior Director

By Anne Kurburski, National Junior Director (9/7/10)

  SEPTEMBER 15, 2010 --

Over the last five years it has been my honor and privilege to serve as your National Junior Grange Development Director.  As I look back over the last five years, my heart is filled with great emotion thinking about all of our wonderful Juniors, Junior Grange Leaders, and State Directors that have made the Junior Grange program so outstanding.

I have been asked by my District’s School Administrators to take over the High School  Culinary Foods Vocational program.  With that being said, it would leave little time for me to devote to the National Junior Grange program.  That is why I felt it was necessary for me to submit my letter of resignation.

It is with very fond memories, and a strong sense of gratefulness, that I say thank you for all that you have done for the Junior Grange program. I truly believe that this has occurred, thanks to your efforts.  As I leave my position as Director, it is with great emotion, but with a sense that we have made the Junior Grange program one we can be proud of.

Our National Grange Master, Ed Luttrell, has appointed Charlene Espenshade to be your National Junior Director.  She will also continue on in her current role as National Youth and Young Adult Director. Thus, she now will be in charge of both programs.  So, therefore, could you send all of your entries for contests, etc. to Charlene.

Please continue in your quest to make the Junior Grange program the best it can be!!  Our Juniors continue to shape the Grange in such powerful ways.

Many thanks,

Anne Kurburski
Past National Junior Grange Director


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