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CT Farm Bureau to hold free presentation series on PA-490

By CT Farm Bureau (9-21-10)

  OCTOBER 1, 2010 --
The protection of farmland, forest land and open space is vital to the future of Connecticut for both food security and natural resource preservation. However, these lands have fallen under the increased pressure of urban development and rising property taxes. Connecticut Public Act 490 (PA 490) was created to help reduce this pressure by allowing these types of lands to be taxed by municipalities at a rate that reflects their current use, rather than the highest possible value. The Connecticut Farm Bureau is holding a series of free seminars statewide to help explain PA 490 and to distribute the Bureau’s latest PA 490 guide to landowners, government officials and anyone interested in how the law is applied.
"Since PA 490 was enacted, The Connecticut Farm Bureau has become the trusted resource for towns municipalities and landowners when it comes to understanding how the program works,” says Joan Nichols, Government Relations Specialist with the Connecticut Farm Bureau. "For more than a quarter century, we have published and distributed a guide to PA 490 and have worked with landowners, assessors, government officials, and others to help them understand how the law works and how it can be used to preserve open space and help towns receive a fair assessment value for properties. The Connecticut Farm Bureau has just published its latest update of the PA 490 Guide and we felt this was an excellent opportunity to engage people in discussions statewide about this important law.”
Connecticut Farm Bureau will conduct free seminars around the state in each county. Attendees will get an overview of PA 490, understand how land is classified under the program, what its limitations and restrictions are, and how landowners can work with their local assessors to have their property classified under the program. of those who attend will receive a copy of the latest PA 490 guide.
Locations are:
  • October 12, 6p-8p - Buchanan Auditorium, Mansfield Public Library Mansfield Center, CT
  • October 14, 6p-8p – EASTCONN Hampton, CT
  • October 21, 6p-8p –Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station New Haven, CT
  • October 27, 6p-8p – UCONN Cooperative Extension Center Torrington, CT
  • November 3, 6p-8p –Fire Safety Complex Lebanon, CT
  • November 10, 6p-8p – UConn Cooperative Extension in Haddam
  • November 16, 6p-8p –Community Center Classroom Redding, CT
  • November 18, 5:30p-7:30p – Windsor Public Library Conference Room Windsor, CT
"Since PA 490 was passed in the 1960s there have been a number of court cases that have further clarified the way the law works,” says Nichols. "If used correctly, PA 490 facilitates a partnership between landowner and assessor and is a smart growth tool, preserving open space lands that not only add intangible aesthetic value to a town, but also contribute more tax money than they consume in town services. However to be effective, towns and landowners need to have a full understanding of the program. Our new guide and seminars will go a long way to help everyone better comprehend this important law.”
The seminars are open to all - no reservation is needed. If you have a question about the seminars contact the Connecticut Farm Bureau at 860-768-1100 or visit www.cfba.org



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