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CT report credits importance of agriculture

By NECN Business (9/27/10)

  SEPTEMBER 29, 2010 --

A new report says agriculture in Connecticut is more important to the state's economy than even its supporters say.

The report issued Monday, September 27, by the University of Connecticut, says agricultural sales were more than $3 billion in 2007, higher than the $2 billion that policymakers have believed.

Statewide sales of agricultural products generated directly from the industry and through spillover impacts on other industries totaled $3.5 billion, less than 2 percent of Connecticut's $212 billion gross state product.

Farmland in the third smallest state accounts for about 406,000 acres, or 13 percent of total area in Connecticut.

Agriculture Commissioner F. Philip Prelli said policymakers have valued the industry at $2 billion. He says the report could bring needed attention to agriculture in Connecticut.


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