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The Social Connection
CT State Grange Committee Appointments announced
  OCTOBER 24, 2010 --

The Connecticut State Grange announced its new committee appointments and deputy line-up as part of the third day of its 126th Annual Session. The new slate is as follows:

General Deputy - Todd Gelineau (Winchester Grange)

Deputy East - James Palmer (Echo Grange)

Deputy West - Don Lanoue (Cheshire Grange)


Pomona Deputy 1 - Deputy West and General Deputy

Pomona Deputy 2 - J Allen Cameron (Ekonk Grange) 

Pomona Deputy 3 - Kay Ruff (Glastonbury Grange)

Pomona Deputy 4 - Victor Salazar (Eureka Grange)

Pomona Deputy 5 - Carl Bernhardt (Cheshire Grange)

Pomona Deputy 6 - Deputy East and State Master

Pomona Deputy 7 - Eloise Osuch (Bethlehem Grange)

Pomona Deputy 9 - Joan Zeigler (Redding Grange)

Pomona Deputy 11 - Linnea Erickson (Cawasa Grange)

Pomona Deputy 13 - Irene Percoski (Enfield Grange)


Legislative Committee:

-- Director - Alma Graham (Echo Grange)

-- Committee - Earl Phillips (Eureka Grange), Charles Dimmick (Cheshire Grange), George Ward (Harmony Grange), Russell Gray (Ekonk Grange) 

-- Legislative Liaison - Gordon Gibson (Vernon Grange) 


Youth Committee:

-- Director - Lisa Lamoureux (Southington Grange)

-- Committee - Katie Molodich (Ekonk Grange), Samantha Hewston (Ekonk Grange), James Mele (Winchester Grange), Jean Meehan (Prospect Grange)


Junior Committee: 

-- Director - Lisa Lamoureux (Southington Grange) 

-- Committee - Michelle DeDominicis (Hillstown Grange), Sandy Phillips (Winchester Grange), Jaimie Cameron (Ekonk Grange), Susan Pianka (? Grange)


Membership Committee:

-- Director - Jim Lamoureux (Southington Grange)

-- Committee - Joan Perry (Senexet Grange), Carl Manning (Higganum Grange), Karen McDonald (Redding Grange), Peter Keefe (Winchester Grange)


Family Activities  / CWA:

-- Director - Pat Palmer (Echo Grange) 

-- Committee - Barbara Kulish (Old Lyme Grange), Marge Sendewicz (Redding Grange), Nancy Strong (Vernon Grange), Gail Aylmer (Manchester Grange)


Agriculture Committee: 

-- Director - Jonathan Russell (Riverton Grange)

-- Committee - Jonathan Hermonot (Ekonk Grange), Maggie Buck (Oxford Grange), Ted Powell (Lyme Grange), Robert Miner (North Stonington Grange)


Public Relations Committee:

-- Co-Director - Terri Fassio (Winchester Grange)

-- Co-Direcort - Robert Charbonneau (Meriden Grange)

-- Committee - Maggie Schofield (Cawasa Grange), Don Offinger (Cannon Grange), Frank Forrest (Hillstown Grange)


The Social Connection:

-- Director - Joanne Cipriano (Beacon Valley Grange)

-- Committee - Betty Jane Gardiner (Simsbury Grange), Barbara Roberts (Watertown Grange)


Community Service:

 -- Co-Directors - Jeff and Debbie Barnes  (North Stonington Grange)


Camp Berger Trustees / Committee:

-- Director - Linda Coad (Bethlehem Grange)

-- Committee - Tom Perry (Senexet Grange), Dan Lautenbach (Wallingford Grange), Ronald Gunther (? Grange)


Ritual Committee:  (formerly code reading)

-- Director - General Deputy

-- Committee - Pomona Deputies E & W


Education Committee:  (formerly Student Loan / Scholarship Committee)

-- Director - Nancy Weismueller (North Stonington Grange)


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