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Agriculture / Conservation News
Thank you for a job well done

By Ernest Finch, Agriculture Director

  NOVEMBER 2010 --

I attended a Grange meeting at the Big E, in the Massachusetts Building on Thurs., Sept. 30 of the Legislative and Dairy Committees of the New England States.  I would like to thank Gordon Gibson for calling me about the meeting.

I did miss the Legislative meeting which is held earlier in the day.  There was a man farming Penobscot Farms, New Gloucester, Maine, which traces back to the first Virginia beef farm in the country and Wolf Neck Farm in Freeport, Maine.  These farms have passed clean never allowing the use of any antibiotics, growth hormones or fed animal by-products.  This helps them to have the finest beef anywhere.  It is good to know some farms are thriving while we lose 6,000 acres a day to housing developments, malls and farms going out of business. The farmers are having trouble with migrant workers because of the wages being paid.  I know a vegetable farmer, they came to him and wanted $10 per hour and he said he could pay $8 per hour.

The season for growing is over and I recommend cleaning out your garden and covering up your garden with compost.  I clean my garden and plant winter rye and plow it down in the spring for green manure.

At this point I would like to thank my Committee for a job well done and also Barbara Roberts for her help with the cookies for Ag Day at the Capitol. Gordon Gibson told me this year was the best year for the Grange.  I hope the committee gave you some information of what was going on with agriculture around the world.  Thank you.


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