Monday, October 25, 2021
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From The Chaplain's Desk
November 2010 Chaplain's Corner

By Amy Whitcomb, State Chaplain

  NOVEMBER 2010 --

As we come into the season when we consider all of the blessings we have received let us consider the growth of our soul.  Soul growth must come first.  You are a soul in evolution and everything in your life has been custom designed to grow you into a greater expression of that soul, which is the only thing that is important in life.  Soul growth needs to come first before any inner healing or spiritual development can occur.

But what is the soul?  The sunlight of God or spirit within us is gathered and caught by the lens of the soul and used to focus that energy to make changes in our outer worlds.  The light or spirit within is always shining and you must take action with the soul to convert that light into something usable.  The light of spirit is unconditional, impersonal and is always shining.

If you want to use that light of spirit, you have to do something with it.  You also must work with the mechanism of your soul to focus the light of spirit within you for healing and growth.  This is done mostly through prayer and meditation and by becoming the observer of our thoughts.  Others have done it and you can do it too.  You need to polish the soul lens also, from any impurities that would hinder the gathering of light.  This is the process known as the healing of the soul, polishing it through forgiveness and observation of your thoughts.  Your soul is the mediating principle between the spiritual you and the physical you.  It is that which binds you together and makes you whole.  Your soul aligns you, attunes you and adjusts you in harmony with your highest good.  Welcome to the awakening of your soul.

~ ~ ~ ~

Editor’s Note:  As many of you know, Sister Whitcomb was unable to attend State Session after falling at home.  She was then admitted to Sharon Hospital. We are pleased to report that Sister Amy is now out of the hospital and is now rehabilitating at Sharon Health Care, 27 Hospital Hill Rd., Sharon 06069, Rm. 122.  She will be there for at least 2 weeks (beginning Oct. 29).  Any cards sent right out should reach her there.  Otherwise, please send your cards to her home address:  Box 4, Cornwall, CT  06753.


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