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MD Grange commended for 136 years by Mikulski

By AmericanFarm.com (11/8/10)

  NOVEMBER 20, 2010 --

The 136th annual session of the Maryland State Grange was held Oct. 21-23 at American Legion Post No. 11, Frederick, Maryland.

In the opening ceremonies, Maryland Grange Master, Morris Wiles, introduced officers and guests and a Senatorial Certificate on the occasion of the 136th anniversary of the State Grange, was presented on behalf of Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., by special assistant to the senator, Julianna Albowicz. 

Following the presentation, Ed Luttrell, the National Grange Master who is from Oregon, was introduced and spoke about what the Grange and its mission.

“We are about farming,” he said. “Here we are in one of the first colonies of our country. 

“The history of our country is based on family — not just the men and women who founded it — but on family.  We started as a nation of farmers,” he said, and noted also that only one to two percent of the people in our country today are farmers.

“But we all enjoy food. We don’t have to be involved in agriculture or be a farmer to enjoy fresh produce. Agriculture is part of this country. It is the backbone of our great nation and it is at our peril that we forget that.”

The Grange is part of that and one of the reasons we have prospered, he said.

“Grange members tend to think big. All kinds of projects started in local Granges,” Lutrell said, noting that Rural Free Delivery among many other things we enjoy today, began with the Grange.

“We realized early that we can’t be successful unless we work together. Be proud. Think big.”

After Luttrell spoke Maryland Grange Master, Maurice Wiles, introduced members that were to present awards after noting that Brandywine Grange had become revitalized during the past year and had eight new members.

Committee chairperson, Kay Summers, announced the following awards for Community Involvement and Service as follows: 1st to New Market Grange; 2nd to Calvert; 3rd to Thurmont; 4th to Wacahu; 5th to Lingnore; 6th to Glade Valley; 7th to Medford; and 8th to Brandywine.

Caryl Velisek of Frederick, Md., longtime correspondent The Delmarva Farmer, was given the Maryland State Grange Service to Agriculture Award.

Peggy Burger presented the Maryland State Grange Youth Award to Monica Ripley of New Windsor, Md., explaining that she “was born into the Grange,” and had been active in the Grange since she was nine years old.

Nancy Wolfe of Chaptico, Md., was introduced as Granger of the Year. Wolfe is a member of the Brandywine Grange.
Rep. Paul Stull was recognized and thanked for his 16 years work for agriculture as a Maryland legislator and a long-time Grange member.

A large part of Grange activity is devoted to youth and the future and 2010 Maryland State Grange Scholarship winners were announced as follows:

Sam Baseley, Thurmont, Md., Jessica Clarke, Rocky Ridge, Md., Karen Crum, Thurmont, Md., Karen DeLauter, Sabillasville, Md., Adam Holter, Jefferson, Md., Jessica Lambert, Frederick, Md., Amber Mills, Hagerstown, Md., Matthew Ripley, New Windsor, Md., Ashley Smith, Thurmont, Md., Ashley Stevens, Frederick, Md., Richard Stonebraker, New Market, Md., Jason Talbert, Westminster, Md., and Carroll Zentz, Thurmont, Md.

Also, Deaf Scholarships were awarded to Kelly Hauprich and London Foley, both sophomores at Mc Daniel College in Westminster, Md.


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