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Go whole hog with Fredonia Community Grange in Michigan

By Athol Hazelton Jr., Battle Creek Enquirer, MI (10/26/10)

  OCTOBER 26, 2010 --

This is the time of year when Michigan is at its finest. The crops have grown and are being harvested. There has been a bumper crop of corn and soybeans. We are hoping for some more good weather so that the harvest proceeds with alacrity. The color in the trees is apparent as they trees go into their fall mode. Look for the gathering of geese and sand hill cranes as they prepare for their fall journey to the south where they spend the winter. Sand hill Crane viewing is now at its best at the Baker Sanctuary.

The members of Fredonia Grange members are also starting their fall activities. Maybe this hasn't been the 1st thing on their list but it is one of their most important events of the year. They again are preparing to hold their annual fall pancake brunch. It will be held on Sunday October 31st at the B. E. Henry Community Building in Marshall. Serving will commence at 7 A.M. and hopefully every one will be fed by 2 P.M. The funds generated from this event will assist with the operation of the Grange Hall during the year and assist with their community service work. They have made contributions to the Relay for life.

Postage was paid for sending packages to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dictionaries were purchased for the 3rd grade students in the Marshall, Mar-Lee, Marshall Academy, Homer & Tekonsha Schools. Refreshments were purchased and served to those attending the Out Door Safety day sponsored by the Calhoun County Sheriffs department and for the Ag Day sponsored at the Calhoun County Fair Grounds by the Olivet FFA.

As in the past and one that will continue in the future whole hog sausage will be served and the seasoning of the sausage will be up to the same standard that was established by Fredonia Grange many years ago. The meal will be served family style and it is an all you can eat affair. So come and enjoy the sausage, the scrambled eggs, the apple sauce, range juice, milk and coffee. Be prepared to meet some of your friends and neighbors who have come to enjoy good home cooking.

The cost is $6 for adults, $3.50 for children 5-10, children under 5 free. You can purchase tickets beforehand from Grange members or pay at the door.

Members of Fredonia Community Grange are always looking for ways to better serve the community–ways to address their friends and neighbors' needs. They are active in a variety of community-service and environmental area. They believe in making a difference and in having a good time while doing so. Don't think that you have to wait for a pancake brunch to enjoy the type of fun and food of such a gathering. Fredonia Community Grange members meet the first and third Saturday evenings of every month at their historic, handicapped accessible hall at 13738 C Drive South in Marshall. Potluck suppers, featuring famous Grange food, are at 6:00 p.m. They are followed by meetings at 7:00 p.m. that feature enriching, educational, and entertaining programs. If you have a cause or concern, they are anxious to hear from you to learn what, together, they can do to help. Talk with them and let them discover how your interests can become theirs as well. They welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions.


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