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Family Activities News
You can “take flight” with us!

By Pat Palmer, Family Activities Director

  DECEMBER 4, 2010 --

This year we will be “Taking Flight” with a new president and a new Family Activities / CWA committee.    The members of the CWA Committee for 2010-2012 are Marge Sendewicz from Redding Grange, Nancy Strong from Vernon Grange, Barbara Kulisch from Old Lyme Grange and Gail Aylmer from Manchester Grange.  We are all anxious to get to know the Subordinate and Pomona CWA Directors and to work with them to implement the new programs.

The information for the Blue book has been submitted.  CWA information packets will be distributed to the various Pomonas by the State CWA members.  A lot of the contests will remain the same with a few exceptions.  We will be asking the CWA committees to collect food for their local food banks and soup kitchens and to keep track of how many pounds of food and how many hours are spent at the soup kitchens.

Let’s have a good year and soar to new heights.


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