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From The Historian's Desk
Symbolism of the Sixth Degree

By Edith Schoell, State Historian

  JANUARY 3, 2011 --

Continuing with Rev. Grosh’s article... Sixth Degree

“The emblem of Flora’s degree is the queen flower of her domain - crossed sprays of Rosebuds - denoting by the colors (green and red) the brightness, youthfulness, and light and life of the season of the year, as a prefiguration of the life and immortality which awaits man beyond the wintry reign of death.  In the bud it also reminds us that we are but at the beginning of our existence, in this mortal cradle of our being, and at the beginning of our career as national legislators for our Order. 

The Scrolls, with inscribed Laws, teach, renewedly, the necessity of attention, observation, reflection, and judgment - the four great lights of our Order- in our further advancement in duty and priviledge, that we all learn and all we do may be to the welfare of our fraternity and of the great fraternity of man.”


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