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NC Grange President: The Grange Should Be Congress

By Jimmy Gentry, NC Grange President's Blog (1/12/11)

  JANUARY 22, 2011 --

After completing the annual session of the National Grange, it is comforting to know that we can bring delegates together from the Grange states, discuss a variety of issues, and develop a unified legislative policy.

While the delegates are in session, it does not matter who the Democrats and Republicans are. Nor are the delegates concerned about who may be liberal, moderate, or conservative. Disagreements usually occur, but in the end, the attempt is to make the best decisions possible on behalf of our organization and the members that are represented.

The National Grange legislative process could serve as a good model for Congress. Operating in a non-partisan way is always better because all voices are brought to the table and all viewpoints are considered, rather than that of one particular group. Political favors and maneuvering do not rule the decision making process. The right thing to do dictates the decisions that are made within the Grange organization.

With the Republicans now in control of the US House, and Democrats controlling the Senate, will Congress serve us better in the next two years? We can only hope so, but both parties appear to be deeply entrenched in their opposing ideologies.

So, my message to Congress is simple - send any issues that cannot be resolved to the delegates of the National Grange and we will take care of them for you in a non-partisan, unified, efficient, timely, and decisive manner. In addition, because we operate in a grassroots manner, an effort that begins in communities across the nation, our constituents are more likely to be pleased with decisions made because their voices are part of the entire process!


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