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Connecticut Farmlink Program Announced

By CT Department of Agriculture Bulletin (1/19/11)

  JANUARY 26, 2011 --

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture – Marketing Division has established the Farm Link Program. It is a matchmaking service to help new farmers find farm land owners (for rent or for sale) and to aid in the process of land rental and/or farm transfer to the next generation of farmers.

A website offers information on farm transfer and is our conduit for connecting farm seekers and farm owners.

Persons interested in the process can use fillable applications right on the computer now available at www.farmlink.uconn.edu or have a copy mailed to them by calling Marketing Division at (860) 713-2503. The Department is encouraging all next generation farmers and transitioning family farms in Connecticut to participate. We have a great need for land owners at this time. For further information, please contact Jane Slupecki at (860) 713-2588.


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