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From The Historian's Desk
The Seventh Degree

By Edith Schoell, State Historian

  FEBRUARY 2, 2011 --

The last installment of Rev. Grosh’s article–

“The Emblem of this Supreme Degree is an evenly balanced pair of Scales, suspended over a drawn or naked Sword, lying across a Key.  The even Scales teach that all charges, specifications, proofs and evidences that may be adduced against any impeached brother, before the Solemn High Court of this degree, must be carefully candidly, and impartially weighed, in the heart as well as in the mind, before decision.  The Sword teaches that justice- even righteous justice and equity- must be speedily executed, without fear or favor, sale, denial or delay.  It also denotes that the secrets of the Order, as represented in the National Grange, is to be defended against all that would lessen its dignity, invade its rightful prerogatives, or impair its usefulness. It especially reminds the members, that the secret work of the Order, committed to their custody and care, is to be jealously protected against all unlawful or improper changes or innovations.  The great Key or Knowledge (also guarded by the Sword) shows that the Highest Truth of the Order is safely kept from all undue or improper revelation, and is only to be gained by those who have won the approval of Ceres, been admitted to her inner Court, and been received and welcomed as her Priests and Priestesses.  To such, only, with the Key open the great Arena, and the treasures therein unfolded and explained by her High Priest, in due season and in ample form.”


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