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President's Ponderings: Washington's Birthday

By Edward Luttrell - President's Ponderings Blog (2/22/11)

  FEBRUARY 25, 2011 --

I occasionally get irritated with President's Day because it takes away from Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays. George Washington was one of America's two greatest presidents in my opinion.

The reasons for my view are simple. First he never lost sight of who he was and what he wanted. He viewed himself as a farmer, every moment he was home he was working to make his farm more productive, and no matter what else happened in his life he saw himself as a farmer. That is staying true to yourself!

The second reason is that he never quit. When you read biographies of the man, you see a tremendous strength of character. No matter how bad things were going, he did not quit, he gave others courage and hope. He had faith in what he was doing at all times.

The last reason is that when it was time, he stepped down. The two big times that he stepped down, were when he left the army after achieving victory in the revolutionary ware and the other was stepping down after two terms as President. I believe that this shows his character in such a positive way. When he had accomplished the tasks before him, he chose to step down rather than try to hold onto power. 

Don't forget the reason we celebrate Washington's birthday is due to what he gave a young nation and the examples he set. I think the reason we have President's Day is to have a three day weekend. I'm going with Washington. Happy Birthday George!


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