Thursday, October 28, 2021
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From The Chaplain's Desk
May 2011 Chaplain's Corner

By Amy Whitcomb, State Chaplain

  MAY 2, 2011 --

As we look forward to the season of new birth let us consider seeing the resurrected Christ as ourselves.  Resurrection does not require us to believe in life restored to a physical body.  Did Jesus’ resurrection really happen?  Was it a physical as well as metaphysical event?  The Scriptures offer a number of accounts of the appearance of Jesus after his crucifixion I believe that the described post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus were absolutely real to those who experienced them.  I have no doubt that to this day people continue to experience a living Jesus today.

“The World” has not seen the resurrected Christ.  The “World” cannot have seen, nor can it ever see the resurrected Christ because Resurrection is an event that transcends the world’s view of what is real.  I feel it is not about a body walking out of tomb.

Resurrection does not require us to believe in life restored to a physical body.  Resurrection is a movement in consciousness that lets us see past our perceived limitations and catch a glimpse of the Infinite.

Resurrection offers us a clear, powerful evidence that life it.  Resurrection offers us a chance to participate in life, not a limited view of life that must end in death, but rather the Omnipresent, Eternal Life.  Eternal life that is one of the qualities of God.  Resurrection joyously exclaims that you and I, just as Jesus are the love, the wisdom and the power of God.

Will this be the year that you and I dare to boldly follow Jesus and experience, right here and now the consciousness of unlimited Life that is true Resurrection?


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