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Regional Youth Conferences Will Soon Be Here

By Charlene Espenshade, Youth Development Director (New Grange March/April 2011)

  MAY 23, 2011 --

It’s hard to believe that it’s time to talk about regional conferences. I would like to encourage youth, young adults and youth enthusiasts to make the time to travel to a regional conference this year. The conference is always a great way to connect with other youth, get new ideas, learn about the latest updates for the youth department and have a great time of fellowship. Please note there are some changes this year for dates and/or locations for some of the sessions. 

The first conference scheduled was the Eastern Regional Youth Conference in Delaware from April 29 to May 1. 

In a program change, the Great Plains Regional Youth Conference will be June 17 to 19 in the Tulsa, Okla., area. 

The location for the Midwestern Regional Youth Conference has changed. Michigan will be the host state for 2011 and the event is slated for June 24 to 26. 

Maine will be hosting the Northeastern Regional conference July 8 to 10. 

The final conference will be the Western Regional Youth Conference from August 5 to 7 in Boise, Idaho. For the Great Plains and Western regional conferences, I am excited to be partnering with the lecturers and membership department. They will be hosting departmental meetings during the conference as well. 

As we approach the conferences, I would like to encourage each state to send participants for the regional Speech and Sign-a-Song contests. At each conference we select a representative to present their winning Speech or Sign a Song at the evening of excellence at National Session. 


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