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June is National Dairy Month
  MAY 24, 2011 --

Every June many Americans celebrate Dairy Month in recognition of the important role that dairy plays in the everyday lives of millions of US citizens. Created in 1937, Dairy Month was established to help stabilize dairy demands during times of peak production. To help with that, the National Dairy Council provided promotional materials to over 6,000 stores that participated in Dairy Month. As time passed, Dairy Month began to focus on wider uses of dairy products.

Dairy Month was initially funded by a one cent per pound butterfat tax in the month of June. "June Dairy Month" became the official title of the promotion in 1939 and focused on greater use of dairy products.  In 1955 the American Dairy Association became the leader in Dairy Month campaigns, emphasizing sales promotion programs. 

June Dairy Month continued to evolve over the years and entire communities across the country, both rural and urban, have embraced it and have become involved in many ways. Today Dairy Month is widely celebrated throughout the US, with dairy food demonstrations, free ice cream samples, cattle shows, cow milking contents, and parades featuring county and regional dairy princesses.

Dairy is as relevant today as it ever was — over 1,000 new dairy products are introduced every year, while US consumption of cheese have reached record highs, with Americans consuming an average of 31.3 pounds of cheese per capita.

Dairy products have calcium, potassium and other nutrients for healthy bodies. Milk protein helps build muscle, calcium supports bones and Vitamin A is great for eyes. Dairy foods may help reduce osteoporosis, hypertension and colon cancer.


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