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From The Historian's Desk
Did You Know ...

By Edith Schoell, State Historian

  JUNE 2, 2011 --

Did you know ...

... that the Granges in the State of Connecticut were parents of the Patrons Mutual Fire Insurance of Connecticut?  A resolution from Senexet Grange #40 was announced on December 7, 1886, by George Austin Bowen, M.D., who represented Senexet Grange as their delegate:  “By the Patrons of Senexet Grange, Resolved, that we are in favor of making a vigorous and determined effort to obtain from the next General Assembly such Legislation as may be necessary in order to secure the benefits of co-operative Grange insurance to the Patrons of Husbandry of this State...”  The resolution was passed unanimously by Senexet Grange.

Considering this was a group of ordinary citizens, one medical doctor, another one a merchant and the rest all farmers, none of whom ever had, either any training or experience in the highly organized field of insurance, but willing to devote their energy and time... and with little or no recompense for their time.”

During 1889 applications were received almost daily.  During the year they met and paid three losses-- Bro. J. F. Mason of Lebanon Grange, $350, for total loss of barn; Brother William Baldwin of Cheshire Grange $90 for loss of three cows by lightning; and Brother George F. Boardman of Westfield Grange, $200, for loss of a barn in which was $250 worth of hay and grain NOT insured.”


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