Monday, October 25, 2021
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From The Chaplain's Desk
August 2011 Chaplain's Corner

By Amy Whitcomb, State Chaplain

  AUGUST 2, 2011 --

As we enter the warmest part of our summer, let us consider where true power comes from.  True power is from the spirit of God within us and it is never ego-based.  Power is pivotal.  It can be used for good to embrace our spiritual practices, or it can be used in ways that are hurtful for us and for others.  When fully engaged, power is enormous in its vibration.  It is a pulsation of directed energy throughout our lives and throughout the universe.  It functions on both a physical and spiritual level.

When the seed is planted in the soil, power causes it to burst forth into a germ that will continue to grow.  Power keeps the planets in orbit, as well as plants, animals and each one of us.  Power keeps all life in an orderly motion.  The location of power in the chakra system is at the nape of the neck, behind which is the seat of the adrenals.  This center vibrates with the spoken word.  Not only do our words have power, they come from power and go forth into life to create after their kind.

Think back to Genesis and remember how each animal and plant were created after its kind.  A squirrel does not create a tomato plant, just as a cabbage plant does not create babies.  Tender words create tender responses and experiences.  Kind words cause acts of kindness to be returned.  Encouraging.  Supportive words produce after their kind.  Conversely, words spoken in anger return as broken relationships or even broken bones.

The power of words is that they are always creating.  As a “Course in Miracles” teaches, there is no such thing as a neutral thought.  And I would add, there is no such thing as a neutral word.  Let us come together in all of our collective power and magnificence and create a new future.


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