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New, free prescription benefit announced

By Samantha Johnson, National Grange Sales, Benefits and Programs Director, (The New Grange - July/August 2011)

  AUGUST 6, 2011 --

The National Grange, in conjunction with CVS Caremark, is pleased to announce our selection of the RxSavings Plus Card and TruHearing Hearing Aid Discounts — a NO FEE benefit to the state organizations and their members. 

There are no forms for the members to fill out, and they can go to almost any pharmacy. Simply show the card to the pharmacist and they call it in like any other plan. You do not have to provide eligibility or other administration, and members can use the card even if they already have insurance. We will assist you with issuing the CVS-Caremark cards and educating the members/donors. Members may print additional cards online as needed. The lowest prices are guaranteed.

The CVS-Caremark program will not be offered to the public—it is exclusive to National Grange. An unique advantage for our members is the mail order program, with savings up to 50%. Unlike other savings plans, the CVS-Caremark program applies to 99 percent of prescription drugs. Save on Lipitor, Viagra, Plavix, high blood pressure medications and thousands more—even pet medications! 

For the Rx Card Program, go to http://nationalgrange.rxsavingsplus.com 

We are especially excited to offer our members a discount hearing aid program through TruHearing. Even if you don't have a hearing loss, maybe your grandfather, mother-in-law or brother does and they might appreciate getting a discount. Choose the latest in digital technology from three of the leading manufacturers. Currently 12% of the population has a hearing loss, but 80% of those do not get hearing aids because of the high cost. TruHearing has over 1,600 providers nationwide. With a hearing aid purchase members receive 48 batteries per aid, three free adjustments, reduced pricing on exams, a 3 year warranty, and 60 free batteries per aid each year they re-enroll in the program (up to $150 value!). A unique and much appreciated benefit is the one-time loss or damage replacement, and 45 day money back guarantee.

If you wish to participate or learn more, go to www.truhearingmemberplus.com. If you wish to enroll, just click on ENROLL and enter the Group Number MPGW-Z5KS. If you are a Grange member in New Jersey, please check with them to get your Group Number.

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