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Seventh Degree to be conferred in late High Priestís honor

By Dan Bascom, Priest Archon, National Grange (New Grange - July-August 2011)

  AUGUST 27, 2011 --

The highest degree of the National Grange is the Seventh Degree, only offered to those who have completed all six before it and who attend National Convention.

To attain and understand the Seventh Degree, you must begin in the Subordinate Grange, moving through the first four degrees. The Fifth Degree is taken at the Pomona level, and the Sixth Degree is available at the State and National Grange Conventions. 

This year, those who attain the Seventh Degree in Tulsa will be inducted into the “Tom Severance Class,” in honor of our late High Priest who passed in May.

Tom was an active Granger for many years and was so excited to be able to serve in the position of High Priest, but was never able to oversee a Seventh Degree conferral.

Tom was especially interested in having Grange members understand the teachings of the lower degrees.

He reminded us that the degrees of the Grange reinforce the following points: 

• That all mankind is answerable to one God 

• That all life depends on Nature’s God 

• That everyone is responsible for his/her own actions 

The history of the Seventh Degree is rich. First conferred in 1884 to eight candidates, more than 300,000 members have taken the Seventh Degree.

Once you earn the Seventh Degree and if you maintain your membership in a Subordinate Grange, you are admitted into the Assembly of Demeter.

For those who have already been awarded the Seventh Degree, come see it conferred again so you can share in the experience and take its meaning back to your Granges and speak about the ritual aspect of our organization to new members.

For those who have completed the first six degrees, in order to take the Seventh Degree you need to complete the application form below and show proof of current membership with passwords or membership cards. 

To witness the Seventh Degree, you must have the proper identification, passwords, or membership card. 

Please come and enjoy or be a part of this ceremony full of history and lessons, and help us honor our late High Priest this November in Tulsa.

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