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A great Camp Berger Season!

By Linda Coad, Camp Berger Trustees Director

  SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 --

Friday night, at the Camp Berger Ending Dinner, I felt proud of the job everyone did this year.  The camp’s visual appearance is the best it’s been in years!  Caretaker Rich Lemieux really put his heart into it, and it shows.

After the flag ceremony, everyone filed in to dinner.  The hall was full! Thank goodness Ray Legg was able to find tables.  What a change from last year’s end.

The crowd of kids were happy, smiling and joyously noisy. I don’t know the total of diners but 80 hands went up to order cake for dessert. The young man I sat next to stayed all five weeks.  This was his third year, and yes he will be back next year, along with his friends from NJ.

Many of the CIT’s and Counselors have been at the camp multiple years both as campers and employees. This shows me that the programs that have been installed over the years and with Dorian’s direction are working. Having his Mom as the cook puts the experience over the top.

The day camper program, and the program for Autistic kids was a stroke of genius for all involved.

This year was a success!  The approximate camper count, 270, last year 220 and the year before 200.  After the critique meeting at the end of the month, we will have a clearer picture of where improvement is needed next.

With the help from every Granger, just imagine what we can do with YOUR camp next year.


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