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President's Ponderings: Labor Day

By Edward Luttrell - President's Ponderings Blog (9/2/11)

  SEPTEMBER 4, 2011 --

Labor Day was originally proposed by members of labor unions and was designed to remind people of the important role unions have played in benefiting workers in America. While parades and picnics are sponsored by unions across the country, for most the day is the conclusion of summer activities. 

The achievements of labor union members are numerous and deserve both recognition and a day of rest for them. Yet, this weekend will be spent working hard by many and they will take little time to relax. 

Farmers are in the midst of harvesting many different crops and caring for their livestock. Labor day is often a day where they break for a few extra minutes and join the family for a picnic before hurrying back to work. Those who produce the food that feeds us at this weekend’s picnics, the fiber that covers the tables and clothes us, and even the fuel that allows us to drive to the park are often ignored by society. Take a few minutes and consider the labor the farmer and rancher gives to allow each of us to take a relaxing three-day weekend. 

Also hard at work this weekend are thousands of volunteers. Many fairs and festivals are going on this weekend and few remember the volunteers who give their time and energy to ensure that fair goers have a great time. The number of volunteers at each fair is staggering, with those volunteers making the difference between success and failure. Grange members are manning information booths and food booths, they are aiding the youth programs, and working behind the scenes at countless fairs and festivals. 

As you celebrate Labor Day this year, take a moment and thank God that so many are willing to work for all! 

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