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Camp Berger News
Your Doantions were GREATLY appreciated!

By Linda Coad, Camp Berger Trustees Director

  OCTOBER 6, 2011 --

Thank you to everyone who donated to Camp Berger this year.  We received a tremendous response to requests from Pomonas, Subordinate, and individuals, enough that we were afraid to list them all, as we might omit one.

We now have a wonderful array of pots and pans that were sorely needed.  Several tables, dishes and assorted other kitchen items were attained.  We are still receiving cash that will be put into the maintenance fund.

This year we had some big expenses that we were not expecting, as in the generator going kaput.  Thankfully we had a large donation come in earmarked toward that expense.

The camp still has many repairs needed as we continue to play catch up.  Next yeat we will be asking again for help in many different areas.  But once more a big thank you for all that you did, whether it was time, money or items.  The kids really appreciate it.


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