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Restaurant that is licensee of the Grange a hit

By Tyler Manson, National Grange Intern - New Grange, September/October 2011

  OCTOBER 28, 2011 --

A restaurant in Sacramento has put a hip, trendy twist on the Grange name. 

The Grange restaurant in Sacramento, Calif., is prominently located in downtown Sacramento and is a farm-to-table type restaurant. 

The dishes are primarily comprised of ingredients from local Sacramento farms and there is a picture of the American River Grange, circa 1890. 

The American River Grange is an active Grange in Rancho Cordova, Calif. Even though there are striking similarities between the restaurant and our organization, there are no formal ties between the two. However, there is a legal relationship. 

Leroy Watson, Special Director for Trademark Protection and Brand Management for the National Grange, discovered the unlicensed use of the Grange trademark by this establishment. The restaurant picked the name for its farm and agriculture connotations and was unaware they were infringing trademark rights. 

As the owner of the trademark, Leroy can either ask the infringer to discontinue their use of the trademark or obtain a license with the National Grange. 

In this instance, the restaurant agreed to a license deal and this includes, among other considerations, a yearly fee for its use of the Grange trademark. 

“In many ways we are excited the restaurant is licensed with our organization,” National Master Ed Luttrell said. “The concept and mission of the Grange restaurant is consistent with the traditions of the Grange’s dedication to local farmers.” 

Located in a region rich with family farms, the menu showcases ingredients from throughout the Golden State. 

Menu items such as “Grilled Niman Ranch Ribeye” and “Capay Mission Figs” speak of the restaurant’s passion for local agriculture. 

Now in its third year of operation, the restaurant has received rave reviews and looks intent on becoming a Sacramento mainstay. 

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