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National Grange Welcomes New Officers

By National Grange Press Release (11/30/11)

  DECEMBER 13, 2011 --

During the 145th Annual National Grange Convention in Tulsa, Okla., in November, delegates elected three new officers and re-elected 12 officers.

Barbara Borderieux, of Palmetto, Fla., was elected National Grange Chaplain. Christopher Johnston, of Durand, Mich., was elected National Grange Gatekeeper. Christine Hamp, of Nine Mile Falls, Wash., was elected as National Grange Pomona.

“We were so fortunate to have Phyllis Wilson, Linda Lewis and Scott Sherman as part of the National Officer ranks. We are deeply appreciative of their service,” National Grange President Ed Luttrell, who was reelected for his third term, said. Wilson served as Chaplain, Lewis as Pomona and Sherman as Gatekeeper.  “We are all excited to work with Barbara, Chris and Christine in their new roles.”

Only two offices, both executive committee positions, were not up for re-election. These seats are held by Betsy Huber, who was re-elected as Executive Committee Chairwoman, and Duane Scott.

Other officers who were reelected include Jimmy Gentry as Overseer, Phil Prelli as Executive Committee Secretary, Joe Fryman as an Executive Committee member, Franklin “Pete” Pompper as Lecturer, Judy Sherrod as Secretary, William “Chip” Narvel as Steward, Roger Bostwick as Assistant Steward, Beth Merrill as Lady Assistant Steward, Dwight Baldwin as Treasurer, Patti Lee as Flora, and Linda Chase as Ceres.

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