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Recktenwald chosen as 2011 National Grange Youth Ambassador

By Steuben Courier - New York (11/23/11)

  NOVEMBER 24, 2011 --

The 2011 National Grange Youth Ambassadors were chosen at National Grange in Tulsa, OK November 11. Sara Recktenwald of Bath, New York and Andrew Martin of Goldsboro, NC are the first runner-ups as they represented their states at the “Evening of Excellence.” The first place winners are Ana Mari Parker of NC and Patrick Wadsworth of PA. The youth are between 16 and 21 years old, and are selected based on their ambassadorship in an interview, speaking ability and a written test of Grange knowledge.

Sara is the daughter of Janean and Daniel Knowles of Bath. She is a junior at Haverling High School and is a member of New York's North Cameron Grange. Sara’s grange mentor is her grandmother, Cheryl McGlynn. Sara says that the grange has been a great experience so far and she has met many new amazing people.

The Grange is comprised of families and individuals who share a common interest in community involvement, agriculture, rural issues and federal, state and local policies affecting daily life. The Grange currently has 3600 Community Granges with over 300,000 members in 39 states. Membership is open to all individuals age 13.5 and above. A Junior Grange program is offered to children ages 5-14.

For more information call North Cameron Grange President Jane VanSkiver at 607-776-3639 or Youth Chairman Paula Turner at 607-776-9730.

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