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Family Activities News
Attention all quilters!

By Pat Palmer, Family Activities Director

  FEBRUARY 4, 2012 --

A belated Happy New Year to all.  Jim and I had the pleasure of attending the New England Leader’s Conference which was held in Connecticut this year.  It was an opportunity to meet with the other Family Activities Directors to see what they are doing in their states and to swap ideas.  We also discussed the contests for the BIG E and if anything changes I will let you know.

Also, for the past 7 years, Charles Martin of Vermont has made the quilt that is raffled off in the New England Grange Building at the BIG E with the proceeds going to the various New England states to be donated to the charity of their choice - usually a children’s or Veteran’s charity.  He will be unable to continue to do this and since it is an important part of the fund raising for the states as well as the enthusiasm of the visitors to be able to look at these quilts and to take a chance on winning it, it was decided by the state Family Activities Directors to continue this practice and this is where you all come in.  We are looking for a quilting club, a Grange quilting club, or some other group that would be willing to make a quilt (queen size) to be raffled off at the BIG E.  The name of the group would be prominently displayed for the thousands of visitors that would see the quilt.  I have already spoken to someone who might have a lead, but just in case that doesn’t work out or if we had two to donate that would be better still.  We would need one for this year (unless one of the other states can get a group to do it for this year) and one for subsequent years.  Please let me know if you might have someone in mind that you could contact or have them get in contact with me.


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