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From The Historian's Desk
Then or now?

By Edith Schoell, CT State Grange Historian

  MARCH 3, 2012 --

“It seems to me that we should all make a special effort this coming year to build the Grange, because at no time in our history has Grange influence and courage been needed as right now.  In recent months we have faced serious problems.  Some of these problems have been serious enough to set liberty loving people thinking.  … For some reason or other the trend of the times seems to be moving toward the unreal and the visionary.  Millions of people, it seems are beginning to believe that everybody can live off of the government.  Ideas presented in many instances are so far from the things we believe in that it has become alarming.  The cost of these combined ideas is tremendous and we are beginning to wonder when the tax burden is going to end.  Even more serious than the cost of these programs is the control by government that is bound to go along with them.

I firmly believe that it is up to the Grange, both at National and State levels, to speak out in no uncertain terms against any proposal that would tend to lead us away from American ideals and basic fundamentals.  That is why I believe everyone of us should use our best endeavor this coming year to build the Grange stronger than we ever have before.”

The above was from Henry D. Sherwood’s report to the National Grange in 1949.  Brother Sherwood was Overseer.


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