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Family Activities News
Using shoveling time wisely!

By Pat Palmer, Family Activities Director

  MARCH 3, 2012 --

Time is fleeting!!!  June will be here soon, I hope that all of you are hard at work on your craft and needlework projects.  So far, no excuses that you were out shoveling snow and didn’t have time.

Now, in case you haven’t thought of something to make for the contests and you are a quilter - there’s a new one.  National Grange has instituted a Quilt Block Contest.  There will be one winner from each state and sent to National.  The blocks will be kept and made in to a quilt to be displayed at the 2013 session and the quilt blocks entered the following year will be made into another quilt, until all the quilts are complete and on display for the 150th Anniversary  in 2017.  For the first four years the theme will be the seasons of the year.

The quilt blocks must be 10.5 inches x 10.5 inches (10” block with 1/4” on each side for piecing together) in a log cabin pattern in fall colors.

Deadline information will be forthcoming, so I can let you know when we will have to judge them (Possibly not until State Session) but I will let you all know.


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