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BfA Talks with The National Grange In Twitter Interview

By Broadband For America (3/8/12)

  MARCH 14, 2012 --

On Thursday, March 8, Broadband for America hosted a Twitter interview with the National Grange, a Broadband for America member, that focused on the ways broadband enhances rural communities and agriculture.

The National Grange is the nation's oldest national agricultural organization, with grassroots units established in 2,700 local communities in 40 states. The Grange’s 200,000 members provide service to agriculture and rural areas on a wide variety of issues, including economic development, education, family endeavors, and legislative advocacy designed to assure a strong and viable rural America.

The transcript of the Twitter interview is below:

@NationalGrange Q1: What actions can rural residents take to try and bring reliable broadband access to their communities? #bfaagchat
A: @broadband4us Simply by getting involved in the conversation, writing their congressmen, supporting USF for broadband expansion, etc

@NationalGrange Q2: How does broadband access compare with other methods for increasing rural job opportunities? #bfaagchat
A: @broadband4us access to high-speed broadband encourages businesses to take up residence in rural areas, thereby generating jobs #bfaagchat

@NationalGrange Q3: How does broadband help companies  enhance telework capabilities for rural workers? #bfaagchat
A: @broadband4us Simply by providing the option to telecommute. #bfaagchat

@NationalGrange Q4: Libraries are often the only source of broadband in rural communities. How are you working with them? #bfaagchat
A: @broadband4us to my knowledge, we aren't currently working with local libraries specifically, but that could change in the future #bfaagchat

@NationalGrange Q5: How can broadband help to improve the health and well- bring of people in rural areas? #bfaagchat
A: @broadband4us by providing them with the resources required to stay informed and the technologies available to urban counterparts #bfaagchat

@NationalGrange Q6: How do farmers and ranchers use technology in their operations? #bfaagchat
A: @broadband4us the internet gives farmers access to real time updates on commodity pricing, news, weather, etc. and allows them to use technology like GPS and electronic sensors with their physical machinery, etc.

@NationalGrange Q7: Is broadband Internet just as important to agriculture as it is to other industries? #bfaagchat
A: @broadband4us absolutely. as the global population gets larger, our job to feed that population gets harder. Farmers and ranchers need all the tools and technologies they can get to assist in that difficult responsibility.

@NationalGrange Q8: How can broadband help keep youth in rural communities? #bfaagchat
A: @broadband4us by giving them access to social media, job opportunities, higher education, resources for homework, etc. We need to give youth incentives to stay in rural America and become the next generation of food producers #bfaagchat

@NationalGrange Q9: How can broadband help seniors & people w/disabilities in rural areas live independently?  #bfaagchat
A: @broadband4us Through programs like Lifealert, Lifeline, and tele-health services and overall better communication methods to doctors, loved ones, and emergency responders. #bfaagchat

@NationalGrange We have time for one last question... Q10: How can broadband improve education in rural communities? #bfaagchat
A: @broadband4us Through modern learning tools & methods, & providing incentives for educators to establish themselves in rural areas and also by giving students the option for distance learning

Thanks to our friends at the National Grange and everyone who submitted questions for today’s Twitter interview! We hope you enjoyed learning more about the role of broadband in rural America and in agriculture.

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