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National Grange offers Kelley Farm Experience

By National Grange Youth Press Release (3/31/12)

  APRIL 2, 2012 --

In July 2013, the National Grange in conjunction with the Minnesota Historical Society’s Oliver Hudson Kelley Farm will be hosting an historical reenactment of the Grange degrees. As part of this project, the National Grange Youth Department will be responsible for providing the youth and young adults (14-35) to present the four degrees.

The regions will be responsible for each of the following degrees.

First Degree -- Northeastern Region

Team Captain: Art Merrill (NH)

States:  CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, VT

Second Degree -- Midwest and Great Plains Regions

Team Captain: LeRoy Watson (WI)

Midwest States:  IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, WI

Great Plains States:  CO, KS, NE, OK, TX

Third Degree -- Eastern Region

Team Captain: Anna May Nauss (PA)

States:  OH, PA, SC, NC, TN, WV, MD, DE, FL, VA, NJ

Fourth Degree -- Northeastern Region

Team Captain: Celia Luttrell (OR)

States:  CA, ID, MT, OR, WA, AK, WY

Purpose: To assemble a team of Youth from across the nation to exemplify the 1873 Grange degrees in period dress.

•  Youth with speaking parts will be responsible to memorize their parts.

•  Youth may be asked to participate with non-speaking parts of other degrees.

•  First degree team will be responsible for opening the Grange

•  Fourth degree team will be responsible for closing the Grange

•  There are 17 offices to be filled: Master, Overseer, Lecturer, Steward, A.S., L.A.S., Chaplain, Treasurer, Secretary, G.K., Ceres, Pomona, Flora, and three executive committee positions. Musicians will also be needed.

•  Those applying for a position should be Grange members who are at least 14 years of age and not over 35 years of age.

•  The National Grange Youth Development Director will contact each applicant with additional questions during the selection process. Team captains, National Youth Director, and National Master will select the officers for each team.

•  The selection process will be based off letters of recommendation as well as the application.

Each applicant will be notified of the results no later than July 1.

•  Applicants must submit a letter of recommendation from a member of their local Grange - preferably master - state youth director, and state Master.

•  Applicants must be committed to memorizing their speaking part if the office they are applying to fill has a speaking part. Each Applicant must be willing to comply with the dress guidelines that will be established for Youth officers.

•  Degree Teams will practice at 2012 and/or 2013 regional youth conferences or other time as selected by the degree captains.

•  Single youth applicants must not have become pregnant or have children during term of service. If under 18, must have parent’s consent.

•  The National Grange Youth Foundation is actively seeking grants to offset costs for the teams. Youth/Young Adults will be responsible for the balance of costs for participation.

•  Applications must be postmarked by June 1, 2012 to the National Grange Youth Development Director.


Download the application form by clicking this link:  


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