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National Grange looking to hire Director of Legislative Affairs

By National Grange Website (5/18/12)

  MAY 18, 2012 --

Position Description and Responsibilities: The Director of Legislative Affairs is a full time professional position based in Washington, DC for the right person with a strong interest in public policy issues affecting family farmers and rural Americans. The Director of Legislative Affairs develops and manages programs to implement National Grange’s Government Relations, Public Affairs and Grassroots Advocacy Programs. The Legislative Director reports directly to the national president and the national board of directors and works closely with the other National Grange management staff. This person may supervise Legislative Program Assistant and/or Legislative Intern positions and is responsible for creating an effective, team-based environment in order to accomplish tasks.

1.) Government Relations: The Director of Legislative Affairs represents the Grange before public and private meetings, committees, advisory boards, working groups and coalitions. They respond to requests for information regarding the policy positions of the Grange. They research complex issues and develop extensive electronic, written and oral advocacy products to support Grange policy positions. They monitor and report on the status of legislation, regulations, and other public policy initiatives of interest to the Grange. The Legislative Director also oversees all of the legal and reporting requirements associated with the organization’s government relations activities.

2.) Public Affairs: The Director of Legislative Affairs is responsible for supervising the preparation of various informational materials, including the annual Legislative Department Report to the National Grange delegates, the annual National Grange Legislative Policy Book and Grassroots Training Manual, the annualNational Grange Journal of Proceedings, the annual Legislative Department budget memo, quarterly Legislative Department reports to the national board of directors and state Grange chapter presidents, the monthly View from the Hill legislative issues newsletter, monthly materials for State Grange newspapers, weekly Action Alerts e-mails and legislative information updates to the National Grange’s web page. The Legislative Director is responsible for the production and distribution of coalition letters, articles, speeches, opinion/editorials, ads, petitions, talking points, radio/media commentary, press releases, testimonies, or other information products that support the public policy positions of the Grange and enhance the national reputation and influence of the organization. The Legislative Director is also the chief liaison and organization spokesperson on public policy issues with coalitions, interest groups, government agencies and the media regarding public policy issues of concern to the organization. They also direct the organization’s financial support for public policy issue projects.

3.) Grassroots Advocacy: The Director of Legislative Affairs effectively interacts with the state and community-based volunteer leadership of the Grange who participate in the organization’s grassroots public policy advocacy programs, especially the State Grange Legislative Directors. The Legislative Director attends the annual National Grange convention and facilitates the convention’s policy development activities before, during and after the convention.

The Legislative Director supervises the planning for Legislative Department conferences, meetings and conference calls. They supervise the scheduling of Congressional and government office visits for grassroots Grange members. They accompany Grange members during their visitation to events to Washington DC. The Legislative Director is responsible for supervising the upkeep and maintenance of the department’s e-mail, phone and mailing lists, including updates to subscriptions.

Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Expected in this Position: The Director of Legislative Affairs should have:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a field that indicates strong written and oral communications training as well as basic analytic skills. Advanced degree work in the same or a related field is preferred.
  • Knowledge of the principals and practices and legal requirements of managing a government relations and public affairs operations through experience in a similar government relations or public affairs position.
  • Knowledge regarding the Grange, its history, purposes, objectives, structure and mission.
  • The ability to articulate basic information about the Grange’s mission, policies, and programs.
  • The ability to manage time, delegate tasks, direct staff, implement directions and promote a team-based work environment effectively.
  • Knowledge of standard “office suite” computer programs as well as Internet-based research tools.
  • The ability to process information and respond quickly regarding multiple public policy issues.
  • Personal communication skills related to interaction with the media, the legislative and regulatory communities, public policy coalitions, elected Grange management and most importantly, grassroots Grange members.

Contact Amber Bell at  acasey@nationalgrange.org

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