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Camp Berger Clean-Up date changed to June 2

By Linda Coad, Camp Berger Trustees

  MAY 30, 2012 --

The Camp building roofs have been replaced!  This was a decision that did not come lightly!  Several had problems that needed immediate relief and others that could have waited a year or two.  We had discussions on this problem the last two years.  We had originally thought of Rich doing this on a cabin by cabin basis.  After all, he is on-site and on the payroll.  However, it was not the best idea as it would take too long.  The contractor that received the job was able to get a crew in and out.  Now we just need to pay for them.

Open House will be June 10th and June 17th.  The clean-up date had to be changed to June 2nd with the rain date of June 3rd.  However, if anyone would like to go clean June 9th, Rich will be there.

The cost of a week at Camp went up this year to $350.  Dorian suggested a discount to each camper of $50 if they signed up for two or more weeks.  This was a motion that carried.  We still have one of the most reasonably priced camps in Connecticut.  And it is the most beautiful, in my opinion.


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