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View From the Hill: Go get 'em Grangers!

By Grace Boatright, National Grange Legislative Director (View From The Hill Blog 8/6/12)

  AUGUST 8, 2012 --

Legislators left last week to go back to their home districts, having left a mountain of things to complete when they get back on September 10th

There’s no good reason for having not brought up the Farm Bill (as well as other significant pieces of legislation) and many in Congress, especially the inexperienced freshmen, are going to find it difficult to explain that back home.

“Congressman, why didn’t the House bring up the Farm Bill for a vote before letting out for August recess?”

“Well, we want to wait until after the November elections to be making any big decisions, in hopes that we’ll have gained more influence through an increase in seats.”

That kind of honesty just doesn’t exist in government anymore. They won’t know what to say, and I imagine that they won’t appreciate being put on the spot.

That’s where you guys come in. This is a perfect opportunity to visit your Congressman’s district office to sit down and discuss with them the importance of the Farm Bill and it’s provisions, why your farm or ranch can’t survive much longer without one, and why you don’t appreciate that they are putting this off for their own political gain. If you don't have the time or desire to visit in person, give them a call instead. This is what advocacy is all about- you guys exercising YOUR right to tell YOUR congressman how they should vote. Again, remember: they work for you!

The address for district offices is usually under the “Contact Us” portion of legislators’ webpages. To find their websites, go to http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ and enter your zip code.

Get going Grangers!

-Grace Boatright
National Grange Legislative Director

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