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National Grange Welcomes New Program Assistant

By National Grange Press Release (8/7/12)

  AUGUST 9, 2012 --

On Aug. 6, the National Grange welcomed Austin Miller to the D.C. headquarters as the new Program Assistant for the 145-year-old nonprofit,fraternal advocacy organization focusing on rural America and agriculture.Miller, who has lived in several states across the country, credits being exposed to the kindness of the rural community in his decision to join the National Grange.”I’ve lived in a lot of places over the years, and there is just something special about people that you find the small towns across America,” Miller said. “For the last 10 years, I’ve lived just outside Memphis, and the people there couldn’t have been more supportive and friendly and it was nice knowing that someone was always willing to lend you a hand. Working for the National Grange gives me the opportunity to help out the same people that helped me.”

Miller, who holds a B.A. in English from the University of Memphis, said he hopes to further his education in order to better help the Grange and communities across the country.

National Grange President Ed Luttrell said the organization is happy to welcome Miller to the staff.

“We believe Austin will bring great new creative talent to the Grange,” Luttrell said.

Established in 1867, The National Grange, a nonpartisan, nonprofit fraternal organization, is the oldest agricultural and rural community service organization. With more than 2,100 local chapters, the Grange has evolved into the nation’s leading rural advocacy organization and a major benefactor to local communities. There are more than 160,000 members across the United States. For more information on the National Grange, visit our website at www.nationalgrange.org.

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