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Camp Berger season a success

By Linda Coad, Camp Trustees

  SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 --

The 2012 camp season is past.   We are looking forward to continuing the upward trend in attendance.   Last year we were up to 273 camper weeks, and this year the count was 355.   This was 5 less than 50% capacity.

The camp looks great!  The new roofs, staining the buildings, and the clean up of the dumpster area has really enhanced the appearance.

However the upkeep of the camp is an ongoing project.  The Pomona and Community Granges will need to be more involved this next year.  More information will be coming on how you can help keep Camp Berger in a forward mode.

This is a beautiful area, stop in and see Rich, then check out your camp.  This is a Grange project to be really proud of.  I know I am.


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