Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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View From the Hill: Some light reading

By Grace Boatright, National Grange Legislative Director (View From The Hill Blog 9/4/12)

  SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 --

I hope everyone had a nice, long weekend. Personally, I think three-day weekends should become the new norm...but I guess that would make us Europe and nobody wants that. 

Until Congress comes back next week, the campaigns will continue to dominate the news (well actually, they'll probably dominate them even after Congress comes back), and we won’t have anything really “new” to discuss. In the meantime, we should all be reviewing our notes for the massive tests to take place over the next few weeks; including the Farm Bill, postal reform, the looming fiscal cliff, etc. 

Here’s a few interesting articles that you might like to look over.





-Grace Boatright
National Grange Legislative Director

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