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National Grange Legislative Policy Book a great resource

By National Grange Press Release (8/2012)

  SEPTEMBER 22, 2012 --

September and October are busy months here at the Grange, with 29 of our State Granges holding their annual sessions during this time. Thus, this seems like a perfect opportunity to remind Grangers how to best use their Legislative Policy Book.

The Legislative Policy Book is both a summary of our Grange policy and a Grassroots Training Manual to guide Grangers in developing Grange policy at the local and state levels.

During State Grange sessions, Grangers can use the LPB to research existing Grange policy and how best to expand, amend, or eliminate it. Just like policy at the federal level, Grange policy can become outdated, causing a need for Grangers to take action and change it. As resolutions are presented and debated, it is always a good idea to first look at how those proposed resolutions fit in with our present Grange policy.

Grangers can also refer to the LPB when communicating to the press about our Grange policies and legislative priorities for the year.

When local issues arise, check your LPB for Grange policy on that issue and then call up your local media outlets to make comment. Civic participation is key if we are to grow the Grange and the values we represent.

Similarly, the Blueprint for Rural America contained within the LPB provides an outline of the important issues currently facing rural America and an “Action Plan” for State and local Granges to use in advocating for those issues. Taking action on an issue can be as simple as meeting with your local city  counsel members or getting a group of Grangers to visit the state capitol during your state’s legislative session. Remember: your elected officials work for you and you should never refrain from letting your voice be heard. Use the  Legislative Policy Book to brush up on the important issues facing rural America before engaging in these meetings.

A copy of the Legislative Policy Book can be downloaded for free from our Grange website.  CLICK HERE

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