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Grange Store excited to unveil new product at convention

By Samantha Johnson, Programs, Benefits and Sales Director (National Grange Website 9/27/12)

  OCTOBER 5, 2012 --

The Grange Store is very excited to begin offering all of our baking members Grange Cookie Cutters.

Each year we unveil various new products, but this is something especially
exciting for the National Grange to offer.

Grange Cookie Cutters come in a pack of three and include the seven-sided emblem, a flag, and a Grange Hall. Also included are two cookie recipes from Grange cookbooks.

This new product will be available beginning at the 2012 National Grange Convention in Boise, Idaho. These make great gifts for Grangers and non-Grangers alike. This is a way to share the Grange with our communities through our baking.

Be the first to get one by coming by the Grange Store at Convention.

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